Vitality Plus RTU 750ml - Spider Mite

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Vitality Plus  RTU 750ml – Spider Mite

A reasonably new product from the Plant Vitality Plus range is excellent if you have a spidermite problem with you plants in your hydroponics tent/hydroponics grow room.

Treats spidermite also kills the eggs after just one application.

Vitality Plus RTU Spray makes it a lot easier for hydroponics grower or for new growers who might not be so sure of what they are doing. RTU Ready To Use. already mixed to right level.

When plants are down and out from an insect infestation, a thorough spraying of the leaves will show positive vitalization.

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Also after they appear to have gone its worth giving them another little spray to help prevent any potential infestation (Just to play it Safe) Plant Vitality is fast acting killing the pest very quickly (usually within 30 seconds no mucking it gets in and does the job).

Plant Vitality Plus doesn’t only eradicate spidermite but it also kills whitefly, greenfly, thrips and fungus gnats. Remember if you have fungus gnats it is best to soak the top of the media.

Spidermite spray works after only one application. Also it will kill the eggs by spraying your substrate. You also can use it as a preventive treatment for cuttings to protect against Spidermite. Also helps protect the plants against Stress situations.