Pondflex Hose 32mm - per mtr - Store Pick Up Only

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Pondflex Hose 32mm - Sold per Mtr *Store Pick Up Price No Freight Included

  • Pondflex - Black corrugated Pond hose, non-kink, UV stabilized
  • non – Kink / Anti kink tubing crucial component for water to operate correctly.
  • Very flexible - ideal for working in confined areas
  • Reduces the number of required fittings and permits the installer/user to make smooth, tight turns
  • Mildew and sun resistant.
  • The black colour blends with different backgrounds, allowing it to be easily concealed.


When comes to water features such as shear descents, water falls or filtration systems etc. You’re hose that connects these system together, is what we call your main Artery system; So as to maximize your pumps performance when moving water. Obstacles such as kinks tend to lower the pumps performance and also can put undo back pressure on the pumps implore system weakening the pumps performance.