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Swimskim 25 – 2,500 lph, 40w

The OASE Swimskims will free your pond of leaves and other nutrient inputs easily and effectively. The skimmer baskets can be emptied quickly, while the whirlpool function will stir up pollutants from the pond floor. The aeration function of the Swimskim sends valuable oxygen deep into the water where it is most needed to assist the health of your fish as well as improving the biological functions of the pond and biological filter.

  • aeration function 300 lph.
  • max. pond skimming area 25m2
  • 10m connection cable.
  • Dimensions 332mm x 297mm x 250mm.

    Dimensions (mm) L x W x H - 332 x 297 x 263mm
    Power Consumption (watt) - 40
    Turnover rate max. (l/h) - 2500
    Connection Cable (m) - 10
    Guarantee (excl. wearing parts) - 2
    Operating Cost - 94.47


    SWIMSKIM 25 Y2014