D-ter – 100g

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D-ter  – 100g 

Highly effective and proven animal and bird repellent, fully registered for use against all animals and birds. 

D-TER Highly effective and proven animal and bird repellent pets and wildlife to stop fouling your home and garden. D-TER acts on the senses of smell and taste of animals entering treated areas, repelling them without harming them.


D-TER has been found to be effective in repelling all species of vertebrates against which it has been evaluated. Its mode of action is both scientific and clever. D-TER repels by creating a feeling within the creatures that the treated area is unsafe and threatening. This is reinforced when they quickly leave and the feeling disappears resulting in the development of a “learned aversion response”. The advantage of the development of this response is that not only are the creatures harmlessly repelled but the effect lasts far, far longer than the D-TER itself.


D-TER is generally dissolved in water and applied as a spray but can be used as a dust, for example as a seed dressing. It is important to note that after spraying D-TER, its effectiveness begins when it dries under normal conditions 1-2 hours. Published evidence from overseas and local experience suggests that generally D-TER, provided it has dried before dew or rain, can be expected to last for 8-12 weeks. It will usually survive light showers of rain with the effectiveness again returning when it dries. However, after consistent heavy rain, if the problem recommences, re-spraying is recommended.


Local and overseas experience (30 years) has shown to date no staining or untoward effect on paintwork metals or plastics. For indoor use on furniture or carpet for example, to prevent cat scratching or pet fouling first test spray on an unseen area (as a normal precaution) or alternatively spray on pieces of cloth. Allow to dry and pin or lay on affected areas.